Verse 72:1

قُلۡ اُوۡحِىَ اِلَىَّ اَنَّهُ اسۡتَمَعَ نَفَرٌ مِّنَ الۡجِنِّ فَقَالُوۡۤا اِنَّا سَمِعۡنَا قُرۡاٰنًاعَجَبًا ۙ‏

Say (O Prophet): It has been revealed to me that a tribe of nomads listened, and then they said, 'We have heard a marvelous recital. [46:29]

Verse 72:2

يَّهۡدِىۡۤ اِلَى الرُّشۡدِ فَاٰمَنَّا بِهٖ​ ؕ وَلَنۡ نُّشۡرِكَ بِرَبِّنَاۤ اَحَدًا ۙ‏

It shows the way to Enlightenment, so we have come to believe in it. And we shall never again ascribe a partner to our Lord.

Verse 72:3

وَّاَنَّهٗ تَعٰلٰى جَدُّ رَبِّنَا مَا اتَّخَذَ صَاحِبَةً وَّلَا وَلَدًا ۙ‏ 

And Exalted is the Majesty of our Lord. He has taken neither a wife, nor a son.

Verse 72:4

وَّ اَنَّهٗ كَانَ يَقُوۡلُ سَفِيۡهُنَا عَلَى اللّٰهِ شَطَطًا ۙ‏

The foolish among us uttered such outrageous lies about God.

Verse 72:5

وَّاَنَّا ظَنَنَّاۤ اَنۡ لَّنۡ تَقُوۡلَ الۡاِنۡسُ وَالۡجِنُّ عَلَى اللّٰهِ كَذِبًا ۙ‏

We used to think that people, whether civilized or uncivilized, would never utter a lie about God.

Verse 72:6

وَّاَنَّهٗ كَانَ رِجَالٌ مِّنَ الۡاِنۡسِ يَعُوۡذُوۡنَ بِرِجَالٍ مِّنَ الۡجِنِّ فَزَادُوۡهُمۡ رَهَقًا ۙ‏

Some people of towns used to seek shelter with some of the nomads and increased them in confusion.

Verse 72:7

وَّاَنَّهُمۡ ظَنُّوۡا كَمَا ظَنَنۡتُمۡ اَنۡ لَّنۡ يَّبۡعَثَ اللّٰهُ اَحَدًا ۙ‏

And they thought as you nomads thought that God would never again send forth anyone. [As His Messenger, and so, the claimants to the 'occult sciences' would carry on with their deceptions]

Verse 72:8

وَّاَنَّا لَمَسۡنَا السَّمَآءَ فَوَجَدۡنٰهَا مُلِئَتۡ حَرَسًا شَدِيۡدًا وَّشُهُبًا ۙ‏

And we tried to feel the skies but found it well attended by mighty guards and flames.' [The shining knowledge in the Qur'an dismisses all conjecture of the astrologers, fortune-tellers, and other claimants of occult sciences]

Verse 72:9

وَّاَنَّا كُنَّا نَقۡعُدُ مِنۡهَا مَقَاعِدَ لِلسَّمۡعِ​ ؕ فَمَنۡ يَّسۡتَمِعِ الۡاٰنَ يَجِدۡ لَهٗ شِهَابًا رَّصَدًا ۙ‏

(The nomads continued), 'And we used to sit on places listening to the 'lofty news'. But now whoever listens will find a flame waiting for him. [The brilliant flame of Divine revelation is now ready to torch the conjecture of the astrologers. 37:6-9, 67:5]

Verse 72:10

وَّاَنَّا لَا نَدۡرِىۡۤ اَشَرٌّ اُرِيۡدَ بِمَنۡ فِى الۡاَرۡضِ اَمۡ اَرَادَ بِهِمۡ رَبُّهُمۡ رَشَدًا ۙ‏

And we know not whether harm is intended for the inhabitants of the earth, or whether their Lord wills for them Enlightenment.' [It remains to be seen how people will react to this revolutionary message]

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