With the Glorious Name of God, the Instant and Sustaining Source of all Mercy and Kindness. We welcome you to DIQRA.COM, which is a humble effort for the benefit of all humanity, to understand the undisputed words of God, which is the true guidance one truly needs and world class free education.

The author of the Qur’an is none but Almighty God. Before the reader/user is an English rendition of the Glorious Book. The work, although close to translation, is more of understanding from within the Qur’an itself.

Diqra team has gone through most of the online translations and numerous available in English and selected the rendition of Mr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D, who as a young member of the Saudi royal medical staff, learned the Quraish dialect in the 1970’s under the auspices of King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz and King Khaled bun Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia. He was blessed with the opportunity to learn Islamic theology in the university of Madinah.

Mr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D has based his presentation on two principles: 1- Focusing on the language in which the Qur’an was revealed. 2- Making use of Tasreef, lets us look at the Quran repeats its verses in variety of ways to clearly explain itself.

A diligent study of the Book using Tasreef lets us look at the Qur’an in its Big Picture and it helps us follow the meanings accurately.

Terms and linguistics rendered of the Qur’an use the Quraish (Quresh) dialect of Makkah, since it is the Arabic dialect in which the Qur’an was revealed to the exalted Muhammad bin Abdullah (PBUH), the Final Prophet, Messenger and Apostle of God [570-632 CE].

19:97: “And only to this end we have this (Qur’an) easy to understand in your own tongue (O Prophet). That you might convey thereby glad news to the righteous and warn people given to futile disputation”.

Mr. Shabbir Ahmed M.D authored QXP – “the Qur’an as it Explain itself” of which DIQRA is using its 6th edition. It is a Tasreef based understanding of the Quran presented in contemporary English that is easy enough for all. Its not a literal translation.

Tasreef is the Qur’anic process where verses in one part of the Qur’an explain or provide deeper understanding of the verses in other parts of the Book. Concisely, it means looking at the Qur’an in its Big Picture. The Qur’an, thus lets us look at its terms and concepts from very diverse vantage points. This is how special care has been taken to explain every verse from within the Qur’an itself.

The respected reader should expect to find this rendition different from the prevalent translations and explanations because of the use of Tasreef and the Quraish dialect, and for rejecting extrinsic sources.

Dr. Shabbir Ahmed work is discovered to have refrained from explaining the Qur’an through extrinsic sources such as Hadith, a very questionable history. Hadith means the supposed sayings of the exalted Prophet collected though hear say centuries after Him. Using these two ‘sources’ for translating or explaining the Qur’an in the distant and recent past has only served to confound the word of God with manmade traditions and it takes away the profound glory of the Divine message.

In this rendition, relevant historical accounts have been given only sparingly for the interested reader and they have no bearing on the Pristine Divine message.

The following three principles applied in this rendition are derived from the Qur’an itself:

  1. The Qur’an explains itself. [6:115, 10:37, 75:17-19]
  2. It repeats its verses from diverse angles for clear understanding [17:41, 17:89, 18:54 and many others]
  3. It has been revealed in the plain Arabic of its times. [12:2, 19:97, 20:113, 39:28,44:58]

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who was born and raised in Makkah (Mecca), belonged to the prominent Quraish tribe. Since the Makkans were the first audience, the Qur’an was revealed in their dialect.

19:97 = And only to this end we have made this (Qur’an) easy to understand in your own tongue (O Prophet). That you might convey thereby glad news to the righteous and warn people given to futile disputation.

44:58 = Certainly, (O Prophet) we have made this Qur’an easy in your tongue, in order that they may take it to heart. [69:40]

QXP has been edited by Mr. Yosaf Desai and its technical Directors Disha, Raquaib Hussain and Aisha Qarni all have contributed and the team at DIQRA has gone through each and every verse and is grateful to the following.

  • Brigadier Aysha Shahid – Gynecologist
  • Majida Atta Malik – MSc Development Economics
  • Maryam Atta Malik – Barrister at Law
  • Farhan Noor – CTO

Who have contributed in making DIQRA.COM a one stop site to understand the word of God and have a access to the best of free educational courses, which have the capability of changing the honorable readers life by acquiring knowledge and skills to live life to its fullest level.

DIQRA is work in progress since 2007 and intends to provide a gateway to acquire world class education and most importantly understand the word of God.

Please feel free to browse through our offerings and comment and correct us, if any mistake is discovered. God bless you all. Promote “Oneness”.

Founder: Malik Shahid Ahmed Khan