Verse 18:1

اَ لۡحَمۡدُ لِلّٰهِ الَّذِىۡۤ اَنۡزَلَ عَلٰى عَبۡدِهِ الۡكِتٰبَ وَلَمۡ يَجۡعَلْ لَّهٗ عِوَجًا  ؕ‏

All beauty and balance in the Universe is the living evidence that God is Praiseworthy. All praise is for God Who has revealed this Book to His servant, and made it flawless.

Verse 18:2

قَيِّمًا لِّيُنۡذِرَ بَاۡسًا شَدِيۡدًا مِّنۡ لَّدُنۡهُ وَيُبَشِّرَ الۡمُؤۡمِنِيۡنَ الَّذِيۡنَ يَعۡمَلُوۡنَ الصّٰلِحٰتِ اَنَّ لَهُمۡ اَجۡرًا حَسَنًا ۙ‏

It is a perfect Book, unerringly straight so that He may warn all of a strict retribution from Him (which is the destructive result of their wrongdoings). And that He may give good news to the believers who benefit the society, that theirs shall be an immensely pleasant reward.

Verse 18:3

مّٰكِثِيۡنَ فِيۡهِ اَبَدًا ۙ‏

(A state of bliss) in which they will dwell indefinitely.

Verse 18:4

وَّيُنۡذِرَ الَّذِيۡنَ قَالُوا اتَّخَذَ اللّٰهُ وَلَدًا‏

Furthermore, this Divine Writ is meant to warn all those who say, 'God has taken to Himself a son.'

Verse 18:5

مَا لَهُمۡ بِهٖ مِنۡ عِلۡمٍ وَّلَا لِاٰبَآٮِٕهِمۡ​ؕ كَبُرَتۡ كَلِمَةً تَخۡرُجُ مِنۡ اَفۡوَاهِهِمۡ​ؕ اِنۡ يَّقُوۡلُوۡنَ اِلَّا كَذِبًا‏

No knowledge whatsoever have they of Him, and neither did their forefathers. An outrageous statement it is that comes out of their mouths, and nothing but falsehood do they utter.

Verse 18:6

فَلَعَلَّكَ بَاخِعٌ نَّـفۡسَكَ عَلٰٓى اٰثَارِهِمۡ اِنۡ لَّمۡ يُؤۡمِنُوۡا بِهٰذَا الۡحَـدِيۡثِ اَسَفًا‏

(O Messenger) should you grieve yourself to death if they are not willing to believe in this Message?

Verse 18:7

اِنَّا جَعَلۡنَا مَا عَلَى الۡاَرۡضِ زِيۡنَةً لَّهَا لِنَبۡلُوَهُمۡ اَ يُّهُمۡ اَحۡسَنُ عَمَلًا‏

We have adorned what is on earth so that We may let them test themselves as to who is best in conduct, and lives a balanced life. [18:30-31, 18:46, 67:2. Ahsanu 'amala includes 'best in conduct' and 'balanced life']

Verse 18:8

وَاِنَّا لَجٰعِلُوۡنَ مَا عَلَيۡهَا صَعِيۡدًا جُرُزًا ؕ‏

We shall reduce all that is on earth to barren dust!

Verse 18:9

اَمۡ حَسِبۡتَ اَنَّ اَصۡحٰبَ الۡـكَهۡفِ وَالرَّقِيۡمِۙ كَانُوۡا مِنۡ اٰيٰتِنَا عَجَبًا‏

Do you think that the Dwellers of the Cave, the Upholders of Raqeem (the Inscribed Gospel) were some supernatural beings, more wondrous than Our other signs? [Nay, strange legends became famous about them]

Verse 18:10

اِذۡ اَوَى الۡفِتۡيَةُ اِلَى الۡـكَهۡفِ فَقَالُوۡا رَبَّنَاۤ اٰتِنَا مِنۡ لَّدُنۡكَ رَحۡمَةً وَّهَيِّئۡ لَـنَا مِنۡ اَمۡرِنَا رَشَدًا‏

As they fled for refuge to the Cave (outside Ephesus), they prayed, 'Our Lord! Bestow on us grace from Your Presence, and help us conduct our affairs in the right way.

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