Verse 1:1

All praise is due to God, the Lord/Cherisher/Sustainer of the Universe and everything therein. [The marvels and the profound harmony in the Universe is a living witness that its Lord is truly Worthy of all praise. All praiseworthy beings and wonderful things derive their magnificence from Him. Being awe-struck by any of His creation to the exclusion of His realization is nothing but shortsightedness. All human achievements find their ultimate Source in Him since He is the exclusive Provider of all mental and physical resources.

Verse 1:2

The Source of Instant Beneficence and Eternal mercy Who encompasses the entire Universe, nourishing and taking care of all things for what they are meant to be, just as a mother's womb nourishes the embryo to completion without any returns.

Verse 1:3

(He is) the Absolute Owner of the Day when all creation shall have completed their journey of existence, action and evolution to the Ultimate Just outcome. [And He is the Supreme Appointer of the System of Life that mankind may live by in order to attain success in both lives. All decisions in this System will be made according to Divine Commands given in this Book. And this System will most certainly prevail over all manmade systems in this world. The Divine law of Just Recompense is gradually taking mankind to the Day of Final Judgment in His Court to account for all they did with their gift of life. This is a Day the advent of which is beyond any doubt. 3:189-190, 9:32-33, 17:111, 43:84, 82:18- 19. Deen = The Divinely Prescribed System of Life. Yaum-id-Deen = The Day of Judgment = The Time of Ultimate Just Outcome = The Day of Resurrection = When the Divine System rules the earth as it rules the Universe]

Verse 1:4

(Realizing these facts), we obey You alone and we ask You alone to help us (as we obey You). [Such will be the ones to establish the Divinely Prescribed System of Life on earth. Iyyak = You alone. 'Abd and Ibadah, roots for Na'bud = Obedience = Service = Serving God by serving his creation. Usually, but erroneously translated exclusively as worship.

Verse 1:5

(So,) Guide us to the straight path (that leads us to real success by providing us with faculties that listen and not just hear, observe and not just see, analyze and not just follow blindly)

Verse 1:6

The path of those upon whom You have bestowed blessings (as a natural consequence of obeying the commands.

Verse 1:7

They were not of those who earned the bitter consequences of their misdeeds according to Your laws, nor of those who lost their direction. [2:61, 7:152, 29:69, 37:69-71, 45:23, 61:5. Ghadhab of Maghdhoob = Wrath = Anger = Being seized by Divine laws due to misdeeds. The term can be taken only figuratively when used in relation to God since He, unlike human tyrants, is not an emotional King and His Rule is the Rule of law.

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