Verse 2:11

وَاِذَا قِيۡلَ لَهُمۡ لَا تُفۡسِدُوۡا فِىۡ الۡاَرۡضِۙ قَالُوۡاۤ اِنَّمَا نَحۡنُ مُصۡلِحُوۡنَ‏

When it is said to them, 'Do not cause disruption in the land', they assert, 'We are but reformers, setting things right.'

Verse 2:12

اَلَا ۤ اِنَّهُمۡ هُمُ الۡمُفۡسِدُوۡنَ وَلٰـكِنۡ لَّا يَشۡعُرُوۡنَ‏

Nay, it is they who are the disrupters. But they fail to use reason. [They bring forth a common argument that they are acting in good faith and in accordance with their 'conscience'. But conscience is only the 'internalized society', a mental reflection of the values prevalent in a given environment. Therefore, it can never be a substitute for Divine revelation (Wahi). 3:20, 5:79, 9:67, 24:21]

Verse 2:13

وَاِذَا قِيۡلَ لَهُمۡ اٰمِنُوۡا كَمَاۤ اٰمَنَ النَّاسُ قَالُوۡاۤ اَنُؤۡمِنُ كَمَاۤ اٰمَنَ السُّفَهَآءُ​ ؕ اَلَاۤ اِنَّهُمۡ هُمُ السُّفَهَآءُ وَلٰـكِنۡ لَّا يَعۡلَمُوۡنَ‏

And when it is said to them, 'Acknowledge the truth as people have acknowledged', they retort, 'Shall we accept what the foolish accept?' Nay, it is they who are foolish. But they do not know. [Imaan = Belief = Conviction = Acceptance = Acknowledgement = Embracing the truth]

Verse 2:14

وَاِذَا لَقُوۡا الَّذِيۡنَ اٰمَنُوۡا قَالُوۡاۤ اٰمَنَّا ۖۚ وَاِذَا خَلَوۡا اِلٰى شَيٰطِيۡنِهِمۡۙ قَالُوۡاۤ اِنَّا مَعَكُمۡۙ اِنَّمَا نَحۡنُ مُسۡتَهۡزِءُوۡنَ‏ 

And when they meet those who have chosen to believe, they say, 'We have attained belief.' But when they go away to their shayaateen (devilish comrades), they say, 'We are with you. We were only mocking.'

Verse 2:15

اَللّٰهُ يَسۡتَهۡزِئُ بِهِمۡ وَيَمُدُّهُمۡ فِىۡ طُغۡيَانِهِمۡ يَعۡمَهُوۡنَ‏ 

God will return their mockery to them, and leave them to wander in their arrogance, blindly stumbling to and fro.

Verse 2:16

اُولٰٓٮِٕكَ الَّذِيۡنَ اشۡتَرَوُا الضَّلٰلَةَ بِالۡهُدٰى فَمَا رَبِحَتۡ تِّجَارَتُهُمۡ وَمَا كَانُوۡا مُهۡتَدِيۡنَ‏

They have bought straying at the expense of guidance. But their trade will go bankrupt because they have not set their caravan in the right direction. [Muhtadi = Guided = He who journeys in the right direction]

Verse 2:17

مَثَلُهُمۡ كَمَثَلِ الَّذِى اسۡتَوۡقَدَ نَارًا ​ۚ فَلَمَّاۤ اَضَآءَتۡ مَا حَوۡلَهٗ ذَهَبَ اللّٰهُ بِنُوۡرِهِمۡ وَتَرَكَهُمۡ فِىۡ ظُلُمٰتٍ لَّا يُبۡصِرُوۡنَ‏ 

Their example is that of a person who lights up a fire without adequate fuel. As soon as brightness surrounds them, the fuel is consumed and God (His law) takes away their light leaving them in the dark where they cannot see. [The pursuit of instant gains only grants them a fleeting sense of satisfaction since they have forfeited the long-term goal]

Verse 2:18

صُمٌّۢ بُكۡمٌ عُمۡىٌ فَهُمۡ لَا يَرۡجِعُوۡنَ ۙ‏

Deaf, dumb and blind of reason! They will not return to journey in the right direction (unless they use their perceptual and conceptual faculties. 8:22, 16:76, 17:36).

Verse 2:19

اَوۡ كَصَيِّبٍ مِّنَ السَّمَآءِ فِيۡهِ ظُلُمٰتٌ وَّرَعۡدٌ وَّبَرۡقٌ​ ۚ يَجۡعَلُوۡنَ اَصَابِعَهُمۡ فِىۡۤ اٰذَانِهِمۡ مِّنَ الصَّوَاعِقِ حَذَرَ الۡمَوۡتِ​ؕ وَاللّٰهُ مُحِيۡطٌ​ۢ بِالۡكٰفِرِيۡنَ‏

Another example is that of a rainstorm from the sky with darkness, thunder and lightning. They plug their ears with their fingers for fear of death. And God encompasses the deniers. [Plugging the ears will not make the storm disappear since denial is no solution to any problem. His changeless laws are implemented in the Universe without any exceptions and none can escape them. 7:183, 14:7-8, 29:54, 30:24]

Verse 2:20

يَكَادُ الۡبَرۡقُ يَخۡطَفُ اَبۡصَارَهُمۡ​ؕ كُلَّمَاۤ اَضَآءَ لَهُمۡ مَّشَوۡا فِيۡهِۙ وَاِذَاۤ اَظۡلَمَ عَلَيۡهِمۡ قَامُوۡا​ؕ وَلَوۡ شَآءَ اللّٰهُ لَذَهَبَ بِسَمۡعِهِمۡ وَاَبۡصَارِهِمۡ​ؕ اِنَّ اللّٰهَ عَلٰى كُلِّ شَىۡءٍ قَدِيۡرٌ‏

The lightning almost snatches away their sight and vision. They walk a few steps, in a stop and go fashion. When the light helps them, they walk therein. And when darkness prevails on them, they stand still. And if God willed, He could take away their faculties of hearing and seeing. For, God is Able to do all things. [Absaarahum = Their sight = Their vision = Their sight and insight. Those who defy reason, eventually lose their perceptual and conceptual faculties. God is the Powerful Designer of His laws and He has supreme control over all things. He has prescribed laws for every thing and event in the Universe. And He does not infringe upon these laws even though He is Able to do so. 2:201, 6:96, 7:182, 10:5, 11:15, 13:8, 14:16-18, 17:18- 21, 25:2, 29:54, 30:24, 36:38, 42:20, 54:49, 65:3, 79:36, 87:3. Those who reject the Divine messages and rely solely on their intellect do not realize that revelation is to the human intellect what sunlight is to the human eye. It takes them out of darkness into light. 2:257]

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